POLITROFA is a company in the area of ​​Reinforced Plastics, with accumulated experience over 20 years in the manufacture of products in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Resin. And we do well because we like what we do.  


We are in the market segment in which your company fits. Our activity gives wings to dreams. Create / Conceive we materialize. We can also and want to collaborate with the Creative Industries, creating new grammars with the potentialities of our product. Easily moldable, extremely strong and very lightweight. "The last but not the least" is very economical. Our policy is to always be closer to the client, offering him what he still only imagined.  


Not neglecting the objects that support our day to day, voted for the indifference of our look, we produce Smoke and Ventilation Skylights, Ventilated Sheet, Glass Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Resin Sheet, Water Tanks, Washing Tanks , Shower tray, we sell Alveolar Polycarbonate Sheet, etc.

OUR MISSION is an honest and clear dialogue, upstream and downstream, with the client and the supplier, is to make the client's needs corporative, maintaining a respectful structure in the social, environmental and human component. We have as Vision the contribution to the creation of a less wicked reality, propitiating it for our products, our employees, our customers and our respect for the environment.



- Esteem for human relations;

- Estimated by the environmental heritage;

- Continuous improvement;

- Overcoming the results;

- Innovation;

- Creativity.

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